Buying From Interstate

Buyers can be local and at times from interstate or maybe the location of a vehicle is too far away that can prevent a physical inspection.

This is when a pre-purchase vehicle inspection can be your eyes by having someone that is experienced in examining motor vehicles for any damage or mechanical problems before you make a decision to buy a car.
Sometimes photos can be misleading and sellers can also not quite tell the truth about the condition of the vehicle advertised for sale.

Sellers can have all types of excuses about how they forget to mention the problems as it may be in the seller’s interest not let a buyer know the car they are thinking about buying has problems as the buyer will be deterred from buying their car.

Some problems can be dangerous but it seems some sellers just don’t care.
A few recent photos from an inspection conducted on behalf of an interstate buyer.

       Rust throughout the body seams                            Deisel Fuel leaks around injectors

         Brake pads almost to the metal                         Lower suspension bushes torn

Sometimes buyers especially those from interstate can forget reregistering a vehicle from another state can be very expensive as the vehicle must be in a full roadworthy condition so repairs can be very expensive so it pays to have an inspection to help avoid this type of pitfall and as always don’t trust the seller.

In this case, the buyer didn’t buy the car as there were also numerous other problems so the pre-purchase vehicle inspection was well worth the money.