What is a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection? 

A Pre-purchase car inspection or a pre-purchase vehicle inspection can help you make an informed decision about the next second hand used car your considering buying.
They can help you avoid the disappointment of buying a problem car and save you money on potential expensive repairs. Consider a car inspection a type of insurance against buying a problem car.

If you’re buying a used car wouldn’t you want to know you’re getting? Will it be a good quality vehicle? Does it have major problems?
If you have a very limited mechanical or automotive knowledge get some advice. The next car you buy could have potential defects and problems that could cost you a lot of money to repair.
You could also find that there will be further expenses and problems in the future.

PDS Vehicle Inspections has a personalised service to ensure all inspections are done properly.
I don’t work on KPI’s or quota requirements so you don’t deal with a contractor just the owner/inspector

Make the right decision before you buy
Therefore, a pre-purchase car inspection can help you make the right decision and help give you peace of mind that any car you are considering buying is in good condition. If it is not a good car then you know to avoid that car which can save money and help keep your sanity.
Read on to find out how pre-purchase car inspections work, the benefits and how they can help you.

What is a pre-purchase car inspection?
A pre-purchase car inspection can be conducted on most vehicles that are for sale. Conducted by an independent mechanic, this service can be an inspection of the vehicle’s quality, safety, mechanical and overall driving performance. It may also include an inspection of the car for any previous accident damage, previous panel and paint repairs, maybe even flood damage and hail damage.
There are several types of inspection services depending on your requirements.

Once an inspection has been completed, generally you receive an emailed report outlining the results and should also include a phone call from the car inspector to discuss the report. This can include listing any defects or problems that may have been detected.  It may also include a cost estimate of current and future repairs which can have a bearing on the decision to buy a car or avoid the car.

Help with making a buying decision
The information from the pre-purchase car inspection report can be used to decide whether the vehicle is roadworthy and in good condition or whether the price the seller is asking represents good value for money. Remember you should always have the sale in your favour and don’t trust a seller to tell you the truth always base your decision on the car condition.
Shouldn’t you find out about the condition of the car you are about to buy before you buy it?

Pre-purchase car inspections can be insurance against buying the wrong car!
You could also consider a pre-purchase car inspection as a type of car insurance to protect you before you buy a car. This can prevent you from making the wrong car choice and end up a with a car that has many potential problems. You could end up with thousands of dollars in repairs simply by buying the wrong car from the wrong seller.

Who should use a pre-purchase car inspection service?
Used car pre-purchase car inspections can be of a benefit to car buyers and at times sellers:

Car buyers
If you’re buying a used car, it’s important that you know about the vehicle’s current condition and its future condition. A pre-purchase car inspection can give you a complete insight into a car’s problems or potential problems. With this information about
the condition of the car, you can work out whether you are getting what you think you are getting. Without a proper car inspection, you might be to about to buy a lemon (Car with many problems).
Car buyers can use the results of a pre-purchase car inspection to help negotiate a better price with the seller especially if you have a smart vehicle inspector.

Car sellers
If you’re selling a used vehicle, a pre-purchase car inspection can increase your sale price. A good inspection report can prove to a buyer the car is in excellent condition and has been well looked after. Most car buyers want a better-quality vehicle that doesn’t require money to be spent 
after they buy a car. You may be able to get the selling price you are asking for if a buyer knows all about the car. Alternately it may let you know if the car needs repairs and is the car worth fixing? Will the extra money you spend you get you a better price? Do you sell the car the way it is?

What does a pre-purchase car inspection include?
The list of items checked during a pre-purchase car inspection is a grey area. It can vary depending on the car inspection service you use and what you do end up getting. It should be noted that some pre-purchase inspection services work on daily quotas and targets. When you must work to KPI’s or daily targets this can reduce how thorough an inspection can be.
Some may claim to “check” hundreds of items during the inspection, but do they really?

Generally, it should include inspecting the following items:
Engine – Auto Transmission – Manual Transmission – Clutch – Tyres – Wheels – Brakes – Differential – CV’s – Transfer Case (4WD)
Steering – Suspension – Interior such as seat belts, trims, gauges, mirrors etc. – Air Conditioning – Charging Systems – 
Cooling System – Fuel Systems
Under Car Components like Exhaust, Rust, Corrosion, damaged components, oil leaks
Exterior including previous panel/paint repairs, body damage, accident damage repairs, dents etc
Checking of Car Computer systems if fitted, operational of accessories items,

All car inspections should include a road test when possible to check engine performance, emissions, transmissions, steering, suspension and brakes. If a car can’t be road tested some problems may not be found until a later time.

What can be the benefits of a pre-purchase car inspection?
 Why you should consider a pre-purchase car inspection before you buy a car or a presale inspection if you are selling a car;

  • Identifying expensive problems. Used car problems may not immediately obvious to the untrained eye. By having an expert to conduct a pre-purchase car inspection can inform you about any issues that might affect and have a bearing on your decision to buy a used vehicle.
  • Save your money. Buying a car with defects and problems could end up costing thousands of dollars in repairs. It is especially important if the vehicle you are considering buying has no car warranty and particularly for a private car sale.
  • Buy with more confidence. Buying a used car can be risky unless you know about cars. You might end up purchasing a vehicle with expensive problems not obvious to you. Having a pre-purchase car inspection can give you the peace of mind on the vehicle you are about to buy.
  • Haven’t seen the car? Maybe you are from interstate, a country area or just don’t have time. By arranging an independent car inspection this can help you make an informed decision without seeing the vehicle in person.
  • Get a better price. Are you selling a used car? a pre-purchase car inspection can help you get a better price by showing buyers that your car is in excellent condition. You may get the price you are asking for as you won’t have to negotiate a price given your car is in excellent condition.

Where are pre-purchase car inspections conducted?
Pre-purchase inspections can be conducted in various locations and do vary but do consider that some inspection services could not really conduct a proper inspection at some locations although they claim they can.
Therefore, when deciding on a mobile inspection service you should be asking what you will be getting.
Do they supply quality photos including under vehicle 
Will they spend time talking to you on the phone before and after the car inspection to explain the car inspection report?

Generally, cars are inspected at the following places;
On private car sales, it could be at the seller’s home or maybe their workplace.
It could be at a car yard or at times at some auction houses.
Some inspections come with limitations as to what can be inspected.

Specialist Car Inspections Inspectors
There are specialist car inspection businesses who aren’t just mechanics and who aren’t just working on quotas like me at PDS Vehicle Inspections.
They should have panel beating and car painting experience or experience in car restorations to properly conduct a car inspection.

Personalised service is also important rather than just being treated as a number. You should be able to talk directly with the vehicle inspector and tell them your concerns. Inform them what you want to be checked if you haven’t seen the car. Not all car inspection services are the same.

How do I book a pre-purchase car inspection?
Pre-purchase car inspections can usually be arranged over the phone or online.
Always try to talk to the person who will be conducting the car inspection, get some feedback and ask questions and inform them of any particular concerns you have. Don’t just be a number.

How much does a car inspection cost?
The price of pre-purchase car inspection can vary depending on the car inspection service you choose. It could be dependent on the type of car to be inspected and what type of car inspection you want your inspection to be.
It might just be a mechanical inspection or a combined mechanical and body inspection for accident damage, maybe an end of car warranty inspection.
As a general guide, prices can range from $100 up to about $400 or more.

When you consider the money a pre-purchase car inspection could potentially save you, not to forget the stress or disappointment of buying the wrong car a small investment could be well worth it.

PDS Vehicle Inspections
PDS Vehicle Inspections conducts pre-purchase car inspections in a professional manner and takes the time to talk to the customer about any concerns they would like to discuss before and after a car inspection.
With fewer overheads, I offer a much better service and a 10% better price beat on any genuine car inspection quote that I do.
Just provide a genuine quote to get a better price.
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