Buy a car based on the condition of the car

When buying a second-hand used car don’t always believe what the seller tells you should base your decision to buy on the vehicle’s condition as typically the seller may not bear in mind or be aware of current existing problems. I have heard many times from a seller “why didn’t the mechanic tell me about the problems?” maybe the mechanic did tell the seller but as a seller telling a buyer there are things wrong with the car may deter the buyer from buying the car or maybe they should have picked a better mechanic if they weren’t aware of current problems so before you invest your money consider having a pre-purchase vehicle inspection conducted before you hand over your money or get finance.
I would note there have been a handful of sellers that were very honest and actually had repairs done after the inspection before selling the car or discounted a large amount off the price as they didn’t want their car being sold in the condition it was in after being shown the problems during an inspection.
Would you prefer to spend $10000 on a car then have another repair bill of $3000 or more not including insurance and transfer costs or walk away from that car and lose the cost of a Vehicle Inspection which may be from a couple of hundred dollars?
Sometimes people can have up to 3 cars inspected before buying the one they want.
No one wants to have to spend extra money after buying a car unless the cost of any repairs are factored into the purchase price and even then depending on what repairs may be required do you really want to buy that vehicle? as it may not be a viable proposition.
Some repairs can minor but can still have a large cost such as a new set of tyres or a new set of brakes both are smaller jobs in comparison to removing cylinder heads to fix a leaking head gasket which can be a thousand dollars or more depending on the vehicle. Do you know when the timing belt was last changed? that can also be very expensive towards a thousand or more.
A PDS Vehicle Inspection could be looked at as an investment to determine if your larger investment (the car) is a good or bad investment.
The photos below are of problems found with vehicles during actual inspections which can cost in the thousands to repair depending on the vehicle.
Most people won’t take the time to check a car properly other than walking around a car or sticking their head underneath the car but many problems require jacking up a car and using diagnostic tools plus test driving a car which takes knowledge and experience to identify issues and problems.
If you don’t have knowledge about cars and aren’t really sure what to check, listen and look for you should really consider having a pre-purchase vehicle inspection before you buy your next car if you are not sure what you are buying and avoid the stress and potential financial loss of buying the wrong car. 

PDS Vehicle inspections specialise in examining a vehicle thoroughly to alert you to any major problems before you spend your hard-earned money so consider contacting me to discuss your needs.
You can also read my buying tips which are important to know and check but people seem to disregard the basics but always remember “don’t trust the seller when it comes to money”

Silastic to hide Oil Leaks

Tyre Fatigue Cracks from Age = Set of New Tyres

Suspension Problems

Rear Engine Oil Leaks = Gearbox Removal to Repair

Bad Rim Repair

Tyre with Inner Sidewall Split = New Tyre (s)

Cylinder Head Oil Seepage can = Removing Cylinder Heads/New Gaskets

Air Suspension Bag Damaged = Expensive Repairs

Suspension Strut Oil Leakage = A Pair of New Struts

Check Engine Light on = Computer Issues

Water in Engine Oil = Expensive Repairs if Head Gasket Required

Irregular Tyre Wear = Suspension/Steering Problems

Engine Smoke can = New Engine

Cylinder Head Corrosion can = Cylinder Head Removal and Repair

Chassis Cut and Re-Welded = Backyard Repair not certified

Under body Cross member Damage = Expensive Repairs/Alignment Issues

Worn Brake Disc Rotor can be Expensive to replace

Does this service book look right to you?

Engine Oil in the Cooling System can = Expensive Repairs